Table of Contents

A Bowl of Soup: Jacob tricks Esau into selling his birthright for a bowl of soup.

A Different Sort of Brotherhood: Jacob confronts Esau about Esau's thoughts to kill Jacob.

A League of Their Own : Jacob and God fight after their wrestling match, which leads to a rematch as Esau makes his way towards Jacob.

A Near-Death Experience : Adam and Eve discover the weaknesses of their relationship

A New Kind of Woman: Eve confronts God about her curiosity

An Unexpected Love:Shechem comes to realize how he truly feels about Dinah after he has raped her.

Auctioning Off Impatience : Jacob's trickery over his brother Esau, proves superior.

A Walk Without: Abraham whines about his not being with God to God.

Awkward Encounter : Joseph and Potiphar's wife discover a new relationship and some awkward moments along the way.

Band of Brothers : Jacob and Esau in their formative years, where Jacob tries to keep Esau from joining his band.

Breakdown: God orders Joseph to be silent, but at the same time warn the people that He is planning an earthquake to punish mankind for their stupidity.

Brother Battle : Cain confronts Abel about his regards from God.

Countdown : God discusses his anxieties with trusted Abraham, and acts more human than most are used to.

Cursed : Simeon questions Jacob after Simeon is cursed for killing the people of Shechem.

Dead Man Walking: Isaac confronts Abraham about why Abraham almost killed him.

Death By Fire: God questions Abraham about his plans for impending doom.

Do I Have To?: Jacob confronts God about Jacob's sexual behavior.

Eve's Apple : Eve brings an apple back for Adam from the tree of knowledge of good an evil, but will he eat it?

Eve's Labyrinth: The Serpent convinces Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.

Failure to Escape: The serpent steals the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil in order to escape the garden.

Fall of Trust : Isaac confronts Abraham about the sacrifice up on the mountain.

Family Matters: Rachel asks the all powerful God for children.

Grapefruits Contain More Sugar than Apples: God chastises innocent Eve and banishes her from Eden, forcing her to trek to the Underworld.

Hagar and Sarah; the Proposition - Sarah tells Hagar that she will have to have her child.

The Importance of Kumquats: God seeks the help of Adam to plot against Eve and all womankind, but he's forgotten a small detail: Who on earth is Eve?

Internal Lightning: Abimelech, a mighty king, believes he can change Jacob's devious manner, but then again, Jacob does exist as the ultimate trickster.

Irony of an Angel: A cocky angel decides to pick a fight with Jacob.

It's a Long Story: Lot meets up with Adam in heaven, and the two debate who has had more troubles.

Joseph and Potiphar's Wife : Joseph and Potiphar's wife share a heated conversation that eventually leads to his arrest.

Judah Finds Out!: Judah finds out that Tamar his daughter-in-law is pregnant.

Kicked out of Paradise: Eve challenges Adam not to fear God and to enjoy himself after the two of them have been expelled from the Garden of Eden.

Kill Me Already: Cain and Abel argue and fight, eventually causing one of them to die.

Knowledge Isn't Always Power: Eve makes the mistake of her life.

Forbidden Fruit : God checks up on Eve to see if she has suffered since she was banished from Eden and finds that she is living a life of ease.

Laban's Checklist : Laban and Rebekah have a confrontation over Laban's mistreatment of Jacob.

Meeting at the Well : Jacob meets Rachel and attempts to convince her to fall in love with him.

Oh My God!: God asks Rebekah to marry Isaac

Onto the Ark: Adam attempts to survive the flood, making Noah resort to force on the ark.

Passive/Aggressive: The Snake tempts Adam with the Forbidden Fruit.

Pleas of Please : Joseph asks for God's help with his bullying issues.

Power Struggle : Noah uses Joseph to take over God.

Punk'd : God tells Abraham to kill his son Isaac.

Reversals of Fortune: Wealthy Joseph meets his friend Adam, recently expelled from Eden. The two share their misfortunes and the conversation becomes hostile.

Running From Conclusions : Isaac misinterprets his father Abraham and runs away only to be met by the angel of the Lord.

Sacrifices and Starbucks Runs : The exigent God asks for many requests from Abraham but his final demand puts the shepherd to the test: sacrificing Isaac

Sacrifices of Desire: In order for Rachel to be able to conceive, God tells Rachel to kill Leah.

Say What?: God tells Lot that his city is doomed.

Should I Not? : Eve, with the help from the Serpent, tries to figure out if she should take the forbidden fruit.

Sinful Future? : God's slightly unusual plan for Joseph

Tamar's Plan : Judah thinks he's just having a night with a prostitute, but Tamar has other plans.

The Holy Race : Joseph pompously challenges God to a race, which results in Joseph pleading for mercy.

The Ideal Wedding Reception : Abram and the Pharaoh argue about the marriage of the Pharaoh and Sarah during their wedding reception.

The Gates Will Close : God casts Adam away from the Garden of Eden

The Pernicious Paternity : Abraham and Isaac make their way to Moriah for Isaac's sacrifice, but awkwardness along the way creates many obstacles for the both of


The Unbeatable Enemy Joseph bites off more than he can chew when he accepts a strange quest from God.

The Wrath of God : As a consequence of Adam and Eve's eating of the fruit from the tree of knowledge, God unleashes his anger upon Adam and Eve.

The 7000 Year Feud: Rachel and Leah bicker at one of their bimonthly teas.

Too Late To Apologize: Leah struggles with Jacob to receive the attention she longs for.

Trick or Cheat? Jacob mischievously pranks Esau, who naively believes that Jacob is telling the truth.

Trickery of God: God does not act so kindly towards Abraham.

Violence and Dishonesty: Esau approaches Laban and tries to buy Jacob from him.

Wait... What did I Forget?! : Lot questions God on his salty decisions.

Wait, you want what?: In order to make a women, God demands the rib of Adam.

What Happened In the Cave- Lots daughters plot to intoxicate him and trick him into impregnating his daughters in order to carry on the family name.

When You Can't Beat 'Em, Try to Make Excuses : Abraham tries to comfort his son, Isaac, in an awkward trip down from a near sacrifice experience.

Young Love: Rachel tries to convince her father to let her get married, but Laban is not so sure.